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Weekly Identification

W. October 3, 2018

Poison Pigskin Puffball

Species: Scleroderma Citrunum

Family: Sclerodermataceae

Genus: Sclerodermatales

This is one of the most commonly found eastern species of Scleroderma. Although often mistake for a puffball, the distinct warted and thick exterior is what distinguishes it. It is often times parastitized by the parasitic Bolete, (Boletus Paraciticus).


Color: Dark to brownish yellow. Brownish warts about exterior and black spore mass.

Edibility/Medicinal Uses: Not edible. Poisonous. Can cause slight nausea and stomach upset.

Characteristics: 1-4″ wide and 3/4- 1″5/8 high. roundish body covered in warts.

Season: July-November

Habitat/ Range: Near tree bases, in or around fallen debris. Widely distributed about North America.


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